Claudio Tiozzo

My Glass Works are Water

Claudio Tiozzo has always nurtured a certain sense of belonging to the water and in it searched for his inspiration because he was born on an island where this element is not only the outer limit but also the perennial background, an eternal natural presence. And maybe it is for this reason that he cultivates the dream of finding a way to sculpt a block of water.

Since infancy the island has gifted another type of water to him, always transparent, colourful, with a penetrable look, clear glass; his world. So he understood its potential and the possibility of interpreting this element. 'My glass works are water and contain life', said Tiozzo, 'the gift of light and dark in the movements of these works declare concretely the power of the water that is expressed in erosion, the operation that subtracts and defines the volume of such blocks'.

These sculptures are not static because the synonym water-light confirms the impossibility of stopping this fluid.

Claudio Tiozzo was born July 13, 1971 in Venice, Italy. Following studies at the Istituto Statale d’Arte in Venice and a period of apprenticeship with some of the most noted art glass manufacturers in Murano he has, since 1989, been at the head of the family glass laboratory the Tiozzo Sergio di Claudio Tiozzo, where he acquires theoretical and practical understanding of the murrina glass techniques. After the first work experiences with Danese Design & Furnishing Company 1991-1992 where Claudio developed a new line of design glass objects, in association with Architect Enzo Mari, he participated in the creation of glass works of art with Cesare Toffolo Rossit Maestro in 1994.

In 1997 he co-founded Centro Studio Vetro with Maestro Norberto Moretti, Davide Salvadore, Cesare Toffolo Rossit, an association devoted to promoting research and production of art glass, of which he is vice-president. His collaboration with important glass designers and glass maestri has been consistent.

The moment of becoming an artist was the creation Superfici Nascoste in Venezia Aperto Vetro, Palazzo Ducale. From 2001 to 2004 he collaborated with Centro Studio Vetro , conducting a seminary on glass fusing and grinding techniques, then he participated in the creation of glass works of art with Davide Salvadore, Giorgio Vigna and Massimo Nordio. In 2003 he started the collaboration with the glass experts Cleto Munari design and Alessandro Mendini architect. Recently he created some shapes for Vigo Magistretti architect, Federica Marangioni and Livio Seguso artist. His greatest creation is the public work in the Palace of Justice (law court) 2005 Asti , Italy. In the future Claudio Tiozzo will be able to represent the heritage of Livio Seguso and Luciano Vistosi in Murano.

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